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Shopping on Veepee works a little differently than on "classic" webshops. This unique approach makes it possible for us to offer great discounts of up to 70% to our members.

Here we tell you how it works.

A continuously changing selection

Our selection of brands and items changes on a daily basis. Each day we start new sales, which last 3 to 5 days. Through our partnership with more than 800 fashion and lifestyle brands, you can expect a varied mix of items all year round. There's something for everyone and there's something different every day. If you don't want to miss out on your favourite brands, select them in "My Preferences" and we will inform you when they go on sale.

No stocks of our own

We don't hold the items that we offer in stock. They are reserved at the brands or their distributors, with whom we have partnerships. After the sale has ended, we order only those items that you, our customers, have purchased. This type of collaboration enables us to offer such generous discounts.
Because we don't stock the items ourselves, delivery will take a bit longer than you're used to with other web shops. However, it also means that you get great discounts. The purchased items are ordered from the suppliers and then sent to us. Once we receive the items, we check the delivery and prepare your order. As a result, you should count on a delivery time of a little under two weeks on average. In some cases we can deliver your order faster.
Tip: for each article, the expected delivery term is mentioned on our website (at the bottom). This means that you can always see the expected delivery term in advance.

We'll always keep you informed!

how to

Every time your order status is updated, we inform you by email. You receive a message from us as soon as you place your order, at the end of the sale, when we order the items at our suppliers, as soon as they have arrived in our warehouse, and when the order has been shipped to you.
Tip: On the website you can always check the delivery status of each order under ?My orders?.

Accessible anywhere at any time

You can follow our sales always and everywhere, via your pc, lap top and via our free app on your iPad, iPhone or Android smartphone. Never miss a sale!

Any questions? Chat with us!

Do you have a question, suggestion or feedback for us? We can easily be reached via the Help and Contact page. On working days between 9 am and 6 pm you can chat for free with one of our staff members. You can also leave a message for our customer service department 24/7 and can be sure that we'll get back to you quickly.

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