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General conditions of the Star Wars contest


The contest is issued by, company based at Brussels and Amsterdam. The general conditions of this contest are applicable on the Star Wars contest. The prizes attributed in the context of this contest are 15 passes to the Star Wars Identities expo.


The participation to the contest of is free and is not linked to an obligation of purchase. The participation to the contest contains the acceptance of this regulation, this also means the acceptance of possible subsequent modifications that are necessary because of a, for example external force. To the extent possible, participants will be notified of these changes.


The participation to the contest is valid once the participant answered all questions on the landing page of the contest. The participant also needs to answer the subsidiary question, by adding its answer in the provided field.


Only the above-mentioned manner of participating is considered valid for the participation to the contest and the attribution of the prices. The participation to the contest can only be on the website of No answer, even a correct one, send by post or other way of communication will be taken into account for the attribution of the prices. By participating, the participant agrees with the general conditions and any other decisions taken by in the context of this contest.


The participation to the contest is limited to one form per person. At every moment, participants need to be able to prove their identity and their age, so that the organiser can control and sanction possible abuses.


The participant is obliged to provide correct, up-to-date and complete information in its participation to the contest.


The contest will be live one day, from 4 May 2018, 06h00 until 4 May 2018, 23h59. Every participation outside this period will not be taken into account in the contest and will not be able to claim any price, for whatever reason.


To be allowed to participate, the participant must have reached the minimum age of 18 and resident in Belgium. Winners that are not resident in Belgium or that have not reached the age of majority won’t receive a prize.


The designation of the winner will be based on the correct answer on the contest question and correct (or by proximity, if no correct answer was given) answer on the subsidiary question. The decision of the organiser about the decision of winners is irrevocable and definitive.


The winners of the contest will be informed personally within 14 days after closure of the contest, via the email address of the account with which the member participated.


The prize won will be send, after contacting the winner, to the email address communicated by the member.


The prize cannot be exchanged for cash or any other form of refund.


The results will not be communicated to all participants, but only to the winners of the contest.


Employees of are not allowed to participate to the contest.


The personal information obtained by in the context of the contest will not be shared nor sold to third parties. With the exception of the firstname, name and emailadress of the winners which will only be used to send the won pass. All participants have the right to access or correct their personal data. For this it’s sufficient to address us a letter and a copy of the identity card to the following address: B-1601 Ruisbroek, 65 Humaniteitslaan, by mentioning the subject of your request.

ARTICLE 16 reserves the right to take a decision in cases not provided in the general conditions of the contest.


There’s no case in which the organiser can be held responsible for accidents, costs, direct or indirect damages that could have happened after participation to the contest and to the attribution of the prices. The decision of winners is made by computing procedures, participants are aware and accept that the organiser cannot be held responsible for failure in the network, losses, delays or technical breaches due to the internet or technical providers that intervene in the transmission of the forms and the accommodation of the website. If the contest needs to be delayed, cancelled or interrupted in its whole or partially for reasons independent of the will of the organiser, the last one cannot be held responsible.


For any question or complaint, please contact the customer service of, on the following email address: srrqonpx@Iragr-Rkpyhfvir.pbz. You will be contacted within 7 workdays after receiving your email.

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